Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids

   Our company supply Sunflower fatty acid oil by bulk worldwide. We do shipments in 23mt flexi tanks in marine containers, truck tanks, 1045L Space Kraft package.
Sunflower fatty acid oil are a product of the vegetable oil manufacturing process, which we export sale to the producing industries who are interested.

   Sunflower fatty acid oil are used predominantly by feed manufacturers, biodiesel fuel manufacturers, or other industries such as paints and resins, personal care products.
Sunflower fatty acid oil are recognized by-product of vegetable oil refining process of sunflower oil. Sunflower fatty acid oil is a GMP+ certified industrial product, which finds its primary market in the animal formula-feed industry. Introduction of fatty acids or fatty acid-based compounds to the animal feed enables to cut the feed costs. Sunflower fatty acid oil are also used as an ingredient in food processing, and production of soap, glycerin, and stearin.  

   When sunflower seeds are processed to produce refined sunflower oil, Sunflower fatty acid are obtained as a side product. There are many acids in the sunflower oil, and the Sunflower fatty acid is a blend of oleic, linoleic, and other acids. This industrial product needs to be processed further to use it to produce formula feed supplement.

Our standard specification of Sunflower fatty acid oil:


Required by COA


Mass quota of moisture, %, max



Mass quota common of fat, %, min



Depth of splintering, %



Sunflower fatty acid oil we mostly load by bulk worldwide in: 23mt flexi tanks in marine containers, truck tanks, 1045L Space Kraft package.

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