Oat flakes are made from selected top-quality oats, originated from Ukraine.
We produce oat flakes under our trademark Green Life and your private label is always welcome.
   Oat Flakes is a morning breakfast food, to give a strong and energetic start to your day!
The extra fine oat flakes go perfectly with hot or cold milk, vegetable drinks, yoghurt, vegetable creams but also in the preparation of muesli, your home-made bread and pastries. A healthy breakfast, full of energy and vitality for the whole family to enjoy every day.
   Consumption of oats has been a growing trend globally, and oat products are in high demand particularly due to oats’ proven health effects.

Oat Flakes Benefits:

– Provides a high level of antioxidants
– Oats Are Incredibly Nutritious as they are loaded with Manganese, Phosphorus, Magnesium,
Copper, iron, Zinc, Folate
– Possesses a Powerful Soluble Fiber Called Beta-Glucan
– Increase the growth of good bacteria in the gut
– Helps in relieving constipation due to the presence of fiber

Modern production facilities enable producing several types of oats products with different properties such as size and thickness.

We offer oat flakes produced from whole grain rolled and steel cut oats as below:

– Quick cooking Oat Flakes
– Whole grain Oat Flakes
– Quick cooking flakes 3 cereals (Oat, Wheat, Rye)
– Whole grain 3 cereals (Oat, Wheat, Rye)

The products are packed in:
– 400g polypropylene packages
– 500/600g carton boxes,
– 500g kraft packaging or doypack with zipper, as per customer requirements.

   The production facilities certified according to HACCP.

   We can customize our products to meet each customer’s unique flavor, texture, and nutritional requirements, and would love to work with you to meet your needs.

   We are always glad to new mutually beneficial cooperation with trade networks, supermarkets, distributors, mass media, logistics and transport companies. If you have any questions, suggestions, please contact us, we are open for new cooperation:

Email: svetlana@ta-trade.com
Tel: +380 983396914